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GTA 5 Generator

Are you one of fanatic GTA 5 Online player? if your answer is yes than i am sure you need GTA money to get a lot of stuff in your GTA 5 game. Its normal if most of us want the easy way to gain GTA 5 Money, so  you’re on the right website.We found  GTA Online money hack tool for you. We know that a lot of you have already tried many tools that promised free amounts of GTA 5 money but never worked. But dont worry your luck is about to change! We can assure you that this tool is completely different from what you have seen before.This GTA 5 generator created by a group of professional hackers who know what they are doing. They all have their own speciality -MySQL in and out, PHP,  SSH and secure encrypted connections are their basic knowledge.  Their experience combined with good knowledge and logical thinking is what made this GTA 5 Generator available. It is safe, anonymous ,no need to download, and 100% free from ban risk.All you need to do is input your details and click generate. in few minutes your account will be  updated with resources.


This GTA 5 Generator support all platforms?

The good news is, this GTA 5 Generator support all platform,  XBox 360, XBox One, PS3, PS4 or even PC. Whatever it is, this GTA 5 Generator tool  work flawlessly with each and every one of them! , So, whatever your platfor on playing GTA 5, this online generator will works for you.

How to use this GTA 5 Generator ?

Our team has made this GTA 5 Generator as simple as possible, this to make sure this interface easily used , even you’re not a programmer. First copy this link and open in your browser : ” ”  Once you´re there, you can see an input box for user id, input your gta id there, make sure you type correct id. When done, input ammount of gta money and reputation, make sure everything inserted correctly, than click generate button. This GTA 5 Generator will then access Rockstar API and generate some hack sequence to generate your desired money and reputation to your ID. This is all done via secure encrypted connection and dont worry its safe to use. All process will take only few minutes. Enjoy your generated resources, please remember do not use this tool more than once a day.

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5 Things You Need To Know Regarding Android M

As has been previously communicated, Google will launch a new Android operating system update in the event Google I / O is scheduled to take place in late May in San Francisco, United States.

The latest series of Android operating system will be given a code name `M` Android and is believed to be receiving a massive update, both in terms of interface and performance.

android m logo

Here are 5 things related to the Android operating system M which reportedly been circulated widely.

1. Will be exhibited at the event Google I / O 2015

Google is expected to introduce the operating system (OS) on the new Android developer conference Google I / O that will be held on May 28, 2015 in San Francisco, USA.

Android introductions M is known from the event schedule I / O 2015 is apparently inadvertently released by Google. In a statement posted it, it says ‘Android for Work Update’. However, the session ‘Android for Work Update’ released Google does not last long. Because the company immediately remove it from the schedule the Google I / O.


android m nute

2. Android M: Android `Macadamia Nut Cookie`?

Google is fond of releasing its Android operating system with a name that starts from the letters of the alphabet in sequence and give the name of the operating system based on the reference of sweet snacks and desserts.

For the latest Android operating system that is still coded `M` Android is not yet known official name. However, recent news revealed that the latest Android operating system that will be announced at the event Google I / O later will have a `code MNC`, namely Macadamia Nut Cookies.

3. Have `Voice features Access`

This feature is expected to be very interesting because it allows users to operate the device without having to touch it at all.

Voice Access will provide the voice command applications created by third-party developers, so that later applications contained on the device can be navigated only by voice, without the need to touch the screen.


android m finger

4. Support the fingerprint sensor

Heard rumors that the Android M will be equipped with the latest features, the native features fingerprint authentication. With the presence of fingerprint feature will be embedded in Android M, Android users will be able to log in to the applications that are installed without having to enter a password first.


android m

5. Supports automotive platform

The latest generation of Android, named Android M is not only used on smartphones and tablets, but also used as the operating system on the vehicle entertainment features. Through the Android operating system installed on the vehicle, users can access multiple applications on their smatphone using large screens found on cars.

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